AIS SECURITY Crowd Control

Our events specialists are highly trained to assess and deal with different of scenarios and situations. They thoroughly adhere to the process of initial screening of all visitors and guests and will ensure that only authorised, permitted, ticketed and invited are provided access. Our event security officers pro-actively deal with any problems and carry out patrols of the entire venue. They liaise closely with your team on all issues and provide a clear and concise records throughout the event.

Our security guards do not only represent our company but primarily the client by adhering to the required dress code for the event. This ensures that they remain recognisable and easily distinguishable at all times.

o        AIS Black Business Suit o        AIS Professional identification
o        AIS Security shirt o        AIS High-Vis jackets
o        AIS Security tie o


AIS Security promise of Quality

We take a personal pride and responsibility in ensuring that your event is well managed, safe for its guests and staff while being value for money.

We have skilled event security guards available at short notice so please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting in your convenience, or a quote for security.

For regular re-occurring events, we ensure that the pricing reflects the fidelity and upon request we can arrange to deploy the same regular security officer or team to ensure the clients complete satisfaction and the consistent level of service.

We also ensure that at each event, at least one of our security officers first-aid qualified. The individual will provide initial or immediate assistance to someone who has been injured or taken ill, prior to the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or other suitably qualified person.

The main aims of first aid are to:

✓ Preserve life;

✓ Prevent the condition from worsening;

✓ Promote recovery; and

✓ Obtain qualified assistance.


Diffusion of Anti-Social Behaviour

All our team members are specifically trained to deal with a variety of adverse working situations.

Officers faced by racist, sexist or other unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour by anyone will apply the following code of practice:

  • shall challenge the unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour in a calm, firm and polite but assertive manner without provoking the person.
  • shall not enter into an argument as to why the comments or behaviour are considered to be offensive. They shall not retaliate either verbally or physically.
  • shall contact the police and inform event management immediately if the situation deteriorates and actual or threatened violence has occurred.


Meeting needs vs budgets

Full details regarding the event, location and reason for taking our services are required. Our administrative support will compile a comprehensive and rational quotation to meet the client’s needs and budget.

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